Teaching & Learning Commons (TLC)


The Teaching nd  Learning Commons falls under the Dean of Teaching & Learning in the College of Humanities. It is based at the Edgewood campus to serve the special needs of the School of Education and to a lessor extent to all the schools in the College of Humanities. The facilities offered by the Commons are for all staff, undergraduate and postgraduate students.

The TLC is an ecosystem of technology, students, expertise, physical space, equipment,
manuals, and specific skills development that are freely accessible to all students in order to
improve their teaching and learning. The services offered by the TLC are in support of student
learning in an integrated manner to enhance the quality of student learning and understanding
in the teaching profession.   The TLC's approach will be collaborative and responsive to the
needs of students and staff. The primary aim of the Commons is to assist staff and students
 in their efforts to understand and translate instructional technologies and methodologies into
meaningful learning opportunities.








L. Cele's Sketches ( BEd(U) 2012)  


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