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This section of the website is designed to give staff and students some useful websites addresses for becoming more knowledgeable about research: writing a research proposal, designing a research study, and qualitative research methodology.

These will be especially helpful to you if you are enrolled in Understanding Research or Discourses in Educational Research.

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Some core material on qualitative research

Useful course materials on qualitative research. This site is particularly useful on action research( University of Norwich East Anglia)


Other Resources on Qualitative Research

This page contains links to resources that explain the art of qualitative educational research: critiques, literature reviews, research design methodologies and other articles. The resource is intended as an aid to educational practioners as informed consumers of published research and as active contributors to the body of knowledge that informs emerging practices involving information and learning technologies (ILT). By no means an exhustive index, this resource offers a glimpse into the range of qualitative research models and methodologies that can be found in contexts of ILT. A Must!


Focus Groups

An interesting little website to get started on focus groups. Has follow-up links as well


Proposal Writing

A reading list on proposal writing, research methodologies, publishing your thesis (University of Pretoria)

The Proposal in Qualitative Research [1]
by Anthony W. Heath [2]

The Qualitative Report, Volume 3, Number 1, March, 1997


Visual, participatory and arts-based research

Visual arts-based methodologies (using photography, documentary, memory work, material culture).
Website of the Image and Identity Research Collective, Concordia-McGill University

This website will also lead you to many other websites on arts based research, image-based research. Includes protocols on memory work, working with photographs.

Centre for Arts-Informed Research, University of Toronto

Special Interest Group (SIG) for Arts Based Research, American Educational Research Association

Participatory methodologies for working with young people.
This website was developed at the University of Toronto as part of the Gendering Adolescence and AIDS Prevention project.



See resources from Duke University

Now in the CDS On-Line Multimedia Gallery (
Hearing Is Believing: A Documentary Audio Summer Institute: Twelve short audio documentary stories recorded and produced by participants in the 2003 summer institute


Self study and autobiography

Special Interest Group (SIG) on Self Study in Teacher Education Practice (S-STEP)



American Educational Research Association
This website has a great deal of useful information on publishing, has interesting position papers, gives you information on upcoming events of AERA.

On publishing: see


The site of sites

An amazing online journal about qualitative research support on line!



Research Databases

Please note that the updated UKZN AIDS Research database is now available on the Research Office web page, via the following link:

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